Next Great Epic Love Story – Gavin & Maximillian

I have finished the context of the next love story, which will guide me across the writer’s land of inspiration and desperation…

The psychic vampires are coming out of the shadows. They are an ancient race that split off from the humans eons ago. They have lost the ability to procreate even though they are living. They are blessed with long life. They feed on the psychic energy of their cattle, the broken humans filled with rage, disappointment, and loathing – the stronger the angst, the richer the meal.

The Obsidian Order functions as the primary conduit of power, money, and food. Into this organization are humans who serve. It’s a simple structure. Bishops rule with glamor, magic, and long life. Acolytes work and defend. Oracles speak with prophecy and intuition.

The psychic vampires are dying out. Long life is a poor substitute when nothing comes after. Magic manifestations are springing up around the globe. It seems the Earth is passing through a rich vein of magic energy on its trek around the Milky Way. Some see this as the salvation of the race while others cling to a rumor, a child born between a psychic vampire male and a gifted woman.

With magic sprouting everywhere, witches are coming into power greater than what existed. The cosmic irony is that humans are natural casters when they believe and practice. Psychic vampires learned to accept and exploit that natural law. Humans instead launched the Inquisition, which pushed the gifted to the brink of extinction in Europe. Other parts of the globe escaped such wanton destruction. From the Pearl of the Orient, Viet Nam, a family of witches grew strong until the wars. Weakened and spread across the oceans, the coven of wildflowers harbor a dark secret.

Gavin’s heritage explodes from within him on his 27th birthday. As an unsuspecting and naïve heir to the coven of wildflowers, he must come to terms with his legacy and his family’s dark secret. He finds love in the most unsuspecting place.

The Bishop, Maximillian, strikes for the Spider Queen. She has built a stable of riches and a well of magic. She seeks the door of time to an age when her kind can procreate. She wants to bring a group forward. She dismisses the rumor of a modern day birth.

Gavin and Maximillian meet. The world is never the same…

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